First-Time Prius Owner, Having Some Problems

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Main Forum' started by Alex Hall, Oct 5, 2018.

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    Oct 5, 2018
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    Hey everyone, first time prius owner, huge car guy, and actually a former hater of priuses here, believe it or not! My girlfriend borrowed my sister's 2008 for awhile and we honestly fell in love with it .We picked up a 2005 with a few more options than my sister's but with around double the miles, 155,000. I decided to take it to school this morning and as I was going down a fairly steep bridge, I decided to shift into the engine braking mode. The mil had already been on, but the brake, yellow exclamation, abs, and vsc came on after shifting into "b." I read the codes and got an evap and idle code. When coming to a stop I get a shaking, not detectable in the steering wheel, but it feels like the rotors may be warped. It may also be an idle dip though. There is a strange rubber band/pulley, for lack of a better word, sound occasionally at startup. I am also getting a clunk over bumps. From what I've seen that appears to be engine mounts. I am also getting in the upper 20s mpg. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    First of all there's never really an idle. You let off the gas the engine shuts off unless the hybrid battery is toast then the engine will run alot more then it should.

    Be aware that a run of the mill obd scanner may not pull hybrid codes. The fact that your mileage is so bad tells me that your hybrid battery is on its last legs. Do you see a red triangle on the dash and a little car icon in the top left corner of the mfd screen? if so thats the hybrid battery. On the battery consumption screen does the battery charge go into one purple bar real fast like at a light and then takes a long time to get a few blue bars back on it. Does the car have no power and you have to floor it all the time to get going?

    Shaking may be misfire codes.

    Clunking is bad strut or lca not engine mounts.

    You must have a techstream capable code reader if you own a high mileage g2 that is having problems. If you don't know the exact codes the car is throwing its all just a guess and a waste of time.

    Mini VCI on for $25.

    VXdiag on $77

    Go on youtube search Prius Inspection. Put the car in inspection mode and engine will run continuously so you can listen to the engine.
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