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    I follow Autoline.TV and they interviewed Henrik Fisker:

    I recommend playing it back at a faster speed.

    I'm not a fan of Henrik Fisker after seeing the Karma at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The 'synthetic roar' that was supposed to sound like a V8 was the final turnoff. I was there to see the Toyota reveal of the 2010 Prius which was (is) nearly as quiet as an EV and at the time, very efficient.

    Watch Fisker mannerisms as I noticed he shares many characteristics of Trevor Milton of Nikola fame:
    • Artwork video but no metal
    • Mercurial answers that changed during the interview
    • Technically flawed description of CCS-1, CCS-2, and SuperChargers
      • At one time he suggested Tesla sell their SuperChargers to someone else. The SuperCharger network is one of the Teslas' strongest sales points!
    He is also using the same Nikola shady practice to get on the stock market instead of issuing an IPO. This is good and bad news. Bad news is a lot of money that legitimate EV makers could use is going up in Fisker smoke. Good news is TSLA and other actual EV makers will see stronger stock prices as they deliver product.

    Bob Wilson

    ps. I would like to see the Tesla SuperCharger team buy out EVgo and replace them with SuperChargers and distribution chargers. This would get the other EV makers to finally get serious about licensing the Tesla charging network. Heck, it might lead the domestic EV makers to become charging network investors, owners, and operators.
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    ironically, during the video Hinrich touts how great the quietness of an electric car is. Yet he puts a noisemaker in his prototype, which is tantamount to a kid putting playing cards in the spokes of their bicycles. The video seem to hint of heinrich's smart's, yet he never says, "oh, yeah I really blew it making a teeny tiny / uncomfortable passenger compartment in the Fisker, with an outwardly large body, so it will hold a not too effivient V8. Then he wants to do away with Tesla proprietary superchargers, and have Tesla buyout the existing SAE format, ostensibly so musk can chop off all the charger heads of existing Tesla superchargers and what ..... use adapters so all tesla cars can use heinrich's approved format?
    Here's a guy, who, like the Titanic went down, and now he's floating around in his life raft, and making plans to drill holes in the life raft. I don't know, good luck anyway.
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