Found a fixed an underhood leak today...How many would have paid for a water pump or a radiator?

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    A couple of days, ago, I found a coolant leak under the hood of my 1998 Mazda.

    At 220 K, a shop could have easily sold me a new water pump or a new radiator.

    The water pump needs to be installed with the removal of the timing belt.

    If I took it to a shop, it would have been $500 for either, maybe less for the radiator.

    I checked it again today and found that the radiator hose above the engine was leaking.

    Using a pair of Channellocks, I relocated the hose clamp and added coolant, and the leak is gone.

    It just pays to know cars and to do your own inspections.
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    Very true. However if I had taken it to my mechanic (and when I say "my" I mean, the one I tell my mom and sister to go to and I go to for bigger repairs) they would most likely have found that too.

    So if you can't do your own inspections and don't know cars, then make sure you have a great mechanic that you can trust.
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    I've told this story before, but it bears repeating.

    Back when my 06 Envoy was my CFO's daily hauler we took it to a trusted local wrench for brake work at 125K miles since I presumed that the OEM brakes were probably worn down to the chirpers, and were starting to develop the screeeeing sound common to that state of wear.
    This is according to my dear wife, since this (and many other) high pitched sound was occulted by my tinnitus.

    Doyle lifted the car, pulled the wheels, and gave my CFO a detailed report describing pad thicknesses and estimated brake life remaining (something like 50/30) and found a small pebble that had lodged in the RR caliper that caused the screeeeeing sound that I didn't hear.
    They cleaned the brakes, and went ahead and rotated the tires since they already had them off of the truck.
    Since he didn't have to do any brake work, this fell under what he thought should be a free brake inspection.
    Of course, my wife had to fight him to take some money to at least buy some lunch.

    This isn't the first.....or even the second time that this guy has given us our car back with a $0.00 bill, and even though I'm perfectly capable of performing brake work myself, they have and will get work that I'm willing to farm out, and I will probably buy my tires from him in the future as well - even though there are big box stores that are a little cheaper and provide free spin balancing every XXXX miles.

    In other words......I trust the guy.
    I still do my own preventative maintenance, and if I get a leak I will probably still investigate it myself and initiate a repair however (comma!!!) it's nice to know that if I'm out of town and my CFO's ride goes TANGO-UNIFORM that I have a backup.

    I won't let any of the three local dealers in my town open the door to any car that I own, let alone the hood! ;)