Front brakes general clicking noise in reverse & a bit moving forward

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    Apr 15, 2021
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    2013 Prius

    I bought 2013 Prius, used, last month. A few weeks ago, I started hearing this annoying metal clicking/clunking/thumping noise in reverse, every time I apply brake. Tap tap tap, click click click. Very audible. When I apply brakes in forward (moving slowly), I hear it a bit, as well, though not as much. Far more pronounced in reverse.

    Sure. Basically I only hear the noise when parking or making a u turn, etc. But so annoying!

    I took my Prius to a Toyota dealership...

    But they told me that everything is just fine with the brakes and that the clicking noise is "normal", though...their after service report states "brake pads shifting", implying this is the cause of the noise.

    I asked them to at least get rid of or reduce the noise. They said there's nothing that can be done to get rid of or reduce the noise. The service advisor didn't even try to help me out (maybe he's not allowed to deviate from the corporate policy/stance). After I got my Prius back from them, all of sudden, he didn't want to return my calls and text.


    They told me it's "normal" because the noise doesn't change safety or drivability at all. Ok, that is good to know (I mean this.).

    Has anyone had the same issue and got it resolved? I wish I knew enough about cars, but I don't. I am a bit afraid of taking the Prius to a non-Toyota dealership or specialists because I've heard that dealing with a Prius is very different in many ways for a mechanic.

    Maybe I can try one of those Japanese Auto Specialists places. There's one here locally in the Seattle area, called Greg's Japanese Auto.

    Everything else with this Prius is great, so very disappointing.