FS: Prius 2005 parts car, Vancouver Canada (See Photos)

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    Mar 25, 2020
    2014 Prius c
    Hi group,

    This here is Prius 2005 that was involved in a fender bender accident on 23rd Jan 2021.

    Frontal collision at 10 mph due to icy road. The damage was isolated to the front of the car toward the passenger side. Please see the photos below.

    No check engine light. But upon scanning the ECUs with Techstream, a few codes appeared. Screenshot is attached for your reference.

    She turns on and runs no problem. The radiator survived the impact. So did the headlights, all bulbs and indicators work. But the bracket of the headlight on the passenger side was broken, and the honk harness came off. you can spot it in one of the photos.

    • Odo: 360,000km
    • JBL Stereo
    • No Navigation
    • A rear view reverse camera is already hardwired
    • HV Battery: Rebuilt on May 2019. Delta SOC at 0% (Scanned with Dr.Prius)
    • 12V Battery: Replaced on Jul 2020. ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM
    • Cat: Replaced on Jan 2020
    • Tailpipe: Replaced on Dec 2020
    • Rear brake shoes: Replaced on Dec 2019
    • Front coil and struts: Replaced on Nov 2020
    • Front wheel bearings: Replaced on Nov 2020
    • CV axles: Replaced on Nov 2020
    • Transmission oil: Replaced at 350,000km
    • Oil change at every 5,000 miles. 1st and 2nd owner kept all of the service records from Toyota dealerships. I'm her 3rd owner, and I do my own oil change
    I have invoices for all the above if you want to cross-check. Except for the Trans oil, because I got a good deal off a fella from FB Marketplace. The transmission oil I used was ATF WS by Amsoil.

    Price: Open to offer

    I really loved this car. She's my 2nd Prius. My last one was a Prius C 2014 when I was in Australia.

    Many days of labor were put into her. I'd want to give her to someone who will be willing to fix her. If not, she can be a very good car for parts.

    Please let me know if you want more photos. I will answer any question you have.

    Thanks for reading this post!







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