Gen 1 weirdness and a new acquisition.

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    So my Gen 1 2002 that has 358k miles on it, is giving me more codes(1350,1305,1310,1315) and I was just about to give up on it and part it out when lo and behold, I stumble across a beautiful 2001 on Facebook Marketplace, in better aesthetic shape than mine, that the Seller says only needs a hybrid battery.....too good to be true? Probably.

    So I drive out to look at this Gen 1 for sale, trusty OBDII scanner in tow, and I give it the once over. The Seller has receipts for new tires, new wheel bearings, a new rebuilt transmission with 90k miles on it and the dash has 220k miles on the car. I OBDII it and she spits out two codes; P3006 & P1259. We agree on a price and I have the car towed back to my property.

    It appears that the auxiliary battery is completely dead. I've tried to charge it to no avail. I'm going to replace it, do a full evaluation of it and get back to you. My 2002 had been modified for the Miata battery, so it won't go into the 2001 and but because I'm also restoring a 1993 Miata, I'll save that battery for it. I'm hoping I can put my fully restored HV battery pack(if needed) into my 2001, and any other parts from the 2002, part out what's left of it to fund any repairs on the 2001 and return to the glorious days of putting my 80 mile round trip daily commute on this new Prius to the tune of about $12 a week.

    Priscilla will become the donor car. She served me well. This is the 2001.
    3854AAFE-386C-4C24-BAA5-AD7C775B3FD0.jpeg DF32183B-E60E-459F-8158-3285E0160701.jpeg DBB47D26-13C5-46E8-84F9-5DDCF56D9066.jpeg

    I'll be selling parts off of my cannibalized 2002 real soon.
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