Got my Prius in a week

Discussion in 'Local Prius Club Main Forum' started by Linny, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Linny

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    Feb 28, 2006
    Hi Fellow New Englanders,

    I just wanted to share that I just got my '06 Prius in the color/package of my choice at msrp in just over a week by going out of state. With at least a 6 month wait here in CT, this was a wonderful find. It was super easy...all over the phone. The transaction was really pleasant start to finish. So if you don't feel like waiting you don't have to.

    I bought mine through Day Toyota in Pittsburgh (Pleasant Hills) 412.469.3000. I worked with salesman Lynn Faulk...very pleasant, low pressure guy. We faxed/Fed Ex'd all necessary documents back and forth and he even had the car driven to Philly for me so I only had a 3 hour drive home. All I need to do now is go to MVD and get my permanent plates. Easy!

    Just thought you'd like to know! B)
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    Apr 14, 2008
    Nampa, ID
    2008 Prius
    I have seriously been looking at the Prius and can only find a couple of concerns that may not be major. I am hearing about the fact that there is some kind of blind spot at the rear/side areas when checking for other cars when backing. Also I hear that the car loses some of its power after extended highway driveway when the battery has not been charged up much due to limited braking and coasting.

    How true are these items? Knowing what you owners now know about the Prius, would you still buy one and recommend that I buy one?

    What about only Toyota can work on the Prius mechanically and only Toyota can change a tire on the system due to the electrical stuff? The subject matter of the second part of this question seems to be potentially flawed, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

    I probably haven't ever found a car that overall seems to have so many satisfied owners.

    Oh yeah, I am getting mixed reviews on how well the Prius handles in light snow or slippery/icy roads. Medium snow (several inches?)?

    Finally, I can't seem to get a good answer on how the "tuned" suspension is different of superior to the regular suspension on the touring model.

    I will probably drive a touring model soon, but several salesmen have mentioned that they have done a one-right-after-the-other comparison and can't tell a difference between a regular and a touring Prius as to suspension and handling. One thought that the touring model was more sporty in its handling. Not sure if that's more able to do slalom type moves, although I don't think anybody ever thinks of the Prius as a slalom type car. I don't.



    Nampa, ID
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    there are some people who have issues with the A pillar on the driver's side front left. also, traction can be an issue especially with stock tires.

    as far as long trips causing the car to lose that is a new one i havent heard... (completely untrue btw)

    as far as only Toyota mechanics working on the car... sure, they are the most qualified, but any well qualified mechanic can do it. sure the hybrid stuff is probably best worked on by a trained Prius mechanic, but changing a tire??

    another thing to throw out. your experience will vary, but the Prius ranks near the top on least amount of maintenance issues and breakdowns. in over 60,000 miles with 2 diff Pri's. i have never been the shop for anything other than an oil change. granted, that means two well broken-in new vehicles really, but if the car is a lemon, it will be a lemon when new as well so age not a real factor either.