Got to love it. 169K mile Gen 3 and this

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    Trip B is my current tank, which looks like might hit 650+ miles, even though most trips have been around 10 miles or less. Trip A is reset daily. Out today was cross/slight headwind, slight rolling along a waterline. 55-57 mph on the cruise control. 1 minute consumption levels today were outstanding at times coming back at 56 mph slight cross/tailwind, around 70 mpg on the flat parts. The 1 minutes near 100 mpg were slight rolling down, the ones near or below 50 mpg were rolling uphill or uphill.

    Running fresh Denso Twin Tip plugs starting this tank, EGR system/intake manifold completely clean, and it's the best gas mileage I've seen (not counting one way transcontinental trips with following prevailing winds) since I bought the car at 150K miles.
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