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    Oct 5, 2005
    I'm not certain I'm allowed to do this, though it's not like it's an advertisement. Anyway, there is a great deal at on Dingo brand Mega Fetch Sticks - they are these big 11" rawhide bones with chicken paste inside them, my aunts dogs love them. They are usually about $5 a bone at Petco, and a bit less at Walmart. They are on special for 50 cents a bone right now - free shipping kicks in somewhere about $30 - no tax to me in Florida, and I ordered 100 of them to be shipped to the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah - treats are listed as one of their wishlist items.

    So if you want to treat your dog, or practice your compassionate conservativism, order some - you can always get them shipped to your home and donate them locally. The pups at your local shelter will be really grateful for the treats.