Great Prius Prime buying experience, Dianne Whitmire!

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    Dec 14, 2014
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    I feel lazy for not starting a thread sooner.

    I have only great things to say about my wonderful car buying experience with Diane.

    She was good before, during, and even after my sale.

    We had been texting and talking weeks before the arrival of my Prime.

    She gave me BY FAR the best deal in town.

    None of the scams that the local guys to me (4 dealers in 5 miles of me) were trying to pull.
    My Costco preferred dealer was gonna give me $650 below invoice and "half off accessories" for which they added on $5000 of bloated crap dealer accessories to try to rip me off on)

    I can think of only one other time I've had this pleasant of a car buying experience in the 15 or so new cars I've bought negotiating for myself or my folks or my wife or sister (yes I'm the go to guy in our family to negotiate all the car deals)

    I work really far from home and Carson is on my way home from LA to OC.

    So, quite late on a weeknight (6:30P I think) I came up to Carson to meet with Dianne who had everything ready to go.

    Her colleague Larry who is just an absolute gem of a gentleman took me for a drive and then got it all ready.

    We came in and no surprises at all. Things price and option wise were 100% what we agreed on. Prime Advanced, all season floor mats, done.

    They worked everything out and even had it cleaned up and tanked up for me.

    I left my wife's Prius 4 behind for us to come back later on the weekend and fetch it later and I was off and out of there well before 9pm I believe.

    The only wait and delay was the finance office who had a few customers they were finishing up with. That fella also was easy going and not pushy. I'm a minimalist so not really into the warranty thing anyways

    My task was easy since I took the $1000 cash back and already had my own preapproved financing and a check to hand them.

    Needless to say even afterwards when I had some quirks on my entune system (that ended being actually a problem with my iPhone cable) she also got their service department to take care of me 100% professionally.

    Now 1100 miles later after just 3.5 weeks I can say I'm completely satisfied with this technological marvel of a car.

    I call it my poor mans Tesla with all the neat gadgets on it.

    Coming from sports cars with super chargers and turbos I'm really surprised at how much I love slugging my 2.5-3 hour commute every day to LA through the hell that is the 405 in my magnetism-blue advanced!

    Thanks Dianne.

    iPhone ?