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    I know that it will be a water cooler discussion point this morning, but most people, TV programs, websites do (and should) ask you if you want to know. Imagine my annoyance when I am walking through the cafeteria at work and the Fox News announcer comes out with. "Coming up next <Insert huge spoiler>" :angry: .

    I was looking forward to reading this, but I only managed to get through the first 100 pages. My wife stole the family copy for the first read over the weekend. Now I wonder if I should just go and get the rest of the story before I continue on.
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    No, it is really worth reading. Really.
    There is more than one revelation in the book.
    There are MANY deaths, and many things revealed, that only reading the book will do.

    Close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, say "Lalalalalalalala"... and get the book back! :D
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    I had no idea that Voldemort was actually the father of Hemily and that red-headed kid, what's his name. And the headmaster of Hog'sBreath was all this time going commando under his garments. Oh yeah, just wait until you get to the part where Harry drives off in his Prius.

    How's that for spoilers! :D
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    how DARE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    (no spoilers... safe to read!)

    oh wait..... i read it already..... was VERY careful on the internet once i heard those IDIOTS at deepdiscount had sent out the book already.... IDIOTS! (*funny* thing..... HP is no longer available for sale on their site... lol!)

    i was very picky about which sites i went to from tueday through friday... fortunately tv news was still being good at that time (at least the stations i listened to)..... some jerk put a spoiler in a comment on my blog and i went postal on her.... FORTUNATELY i convinced myself she had heard one of the incoorect spoilers but did keep waiting for that to happen.... (it never did... she was WRONG! lol!)

    i won't tell anyone the ending or other spoilers... not even my boss who doesn't read the series... because if he wants to know... he can read it!

    i'm not collecting the audio verions because i want to listen to them all now that i've read the last book (i just re-read them all in preparation for the final book).....


    i'm VERY happy that JK is considering an encyclopedia of sorts... to tie up the other loose ends and offer more back story!

    by all means... READ the book! and don't speed read it.... (like so many did that night... then they come to the HP forums asking STUPID questions that were answered IN THE BOOK! :rolleyes: if they'd only read it to READ it and not read it just to get to the end!)

    once i got the book (at midnight, of course).... i didn't turn on the TV and only turned my computer on for about 15 minutes on saturday... long enough to post in my blog that i was reading.... reading.... reading! never opened another site and never checked email! lol!