Have Gen 1 , Gen3 -need OBD2 bluetooth for android-which is best

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    2002 Prius
    Have had a Gen 1 for about 2 and a half years...rebuilt battery several times, replaced ABS pump etc ...all with my trusty mini VCI and old win xp notebook....which ended up flooded out in the floorboard when the AC drain tube somehow got dislodged from the little grommet it plugs into in the passenger side floorboard...put about 2 inches of water in the front and rear floorboards ruining anything that was sitting there....

    I now see lots of OBD2 scanners and various apps...Some scanners have numerous adapter cable options but most all items are less than $10.. I know the Min VCI was one of the favs of the readers over the years but the XP interface was really slow , sort of buggy and took forever to 'get out of bed'

    so.... now I need to get a decent one that I can read and clear most all codes like I used to do with the mini VCI and notebook ...but needs to be bluetooth as I have the latest android phones, a decent Android tablet and a nice PC that all have Bluetooth.

    Am beginning to get some alerts on the Gen 1 again, and have just bought wife a Gen 3 ...and hoping soon to sell the Gen 1 and get a Gen 2 or 3 to replace it so there are fewer modules and ability to get newer modules as well as a lighter pack to remove.

    also want to be able to see live data of individual blocks in the main etc.

    which OBD2 /bluetooth reader should I get with maybe a tip as to why.
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    Nov 13, 2017
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    I use BAFX Products Bluetooth OBDII Reader from Amazon. 10k+ reviews at 4.5 average. Works well for me on ODB2 apps that can use bluetooth. I have 3 different WiFi versions and all require no password. At least this bluetooth one requires a password. A cheap one though.