HD radio reception suddenly worse

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    I’ve recently been finding that the 11.6” radio in my ‘20 Prius Prime XLE can hardly find any of the HD stations that it used to find. When it DOES find one, it can only hold it for a few seconds.

    Why might this be happening?

    The only thing I can think of is that I recently had a (powered) amp fitted. Is it possible that the HD antenna might not have been unplugged and then properly plugged back in to the HU at that time?

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    in my radio experiences...when a signal won't hold, especially digital, it's usually in the antenna lead-in wire or the antenna not hooked up correctly...however, there is a possibility that your powered amp is acting like an attenuator and not letting normal signals pass...analog signals with piggy-backed digital signals are somewhat of a hybrid set up at the transmitter where if the digital drops you will continue with the analog, but again some stations are solely going digital with no analog backup...a radio front end must see a relatively strong digital signal to stay locked whereas an analog signal can stay with you longer and will have more noise with it as distances increase...digital signals are ...either you have it strong or not at all... so check your installed amp for good antenna connections and make sure the amp isn't acting like a brick on the signals...btw..the antenna doesn't care whether the signals are analog or digital...there's no such thing as a digital antenna...signals are based on frequency and antennas are matched to frequency not modes...one more thing...in some cases trying to amply signals will over-saturate the front end of a radio and the radio will attenuate making it worse than it was initially...i m starting to suspect the radio doesnt like the amp and the front end of the receiver circuit says...nope we are oversaturated...
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