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Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by OrlandoGuy, May 6, 2008.

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    May 4, 2008
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    Hello, I am a soon to be Prius owner. A beautiful package 6 silver is waiting for a Sirius radio module and install before delivery...hopefully it will be this week...I have been waiting for it since last Wednesday.

    Thank you to everyone that takes part on this forum as it really helped me learn so much about the Prius before my purchase. I look forward to taking part and sharing my experiences while continually learning from others here.

    I am a higher mileage driver - about 35K a year. My current car, a Dodge Durango with 225K (at 17 mpg) is heading off to retirement.

    My first 'mod' will be the 3M paint protection film for the front as soon as I can get the car and get it to the installers...Love Bugs are awful here.

    I do have a question on maintenance please....

    I am somewhat handy..can chance oil myself and have done bolts and plugs on cars before. I plan on using just synthetic oil after the first 1K.

    The question is this..It looks like the major services are really at 60K and 120K...is this right? My dealer offers prepaid maintenance for $500 to 60K. I see I can get the Toyota prepaid here to 55K, but if I do my own oil changes, do the prepaid plans offer any savings? I see tire rotation is included..but balancing is extra (why do one without the other?)

    Thank you all again for all the great information - Helping to educate and convert the rest of the world to a greener way of seeing things.
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    Yes, you can do routine service yourself - there isn't much of it. Avoid buying the prepaid service; it's a rip-off.