Help! Loose Bleeder Valves?

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    Aug 31, 2020
    2010 Prius

    First time posting but I feel I am incredibly over my head with this issue. So my 2010 prius has had many issues over the last year and I am trying to figure out if it's either connected or if this is the signs of aging. It has 190k miles. No issues until this last year-

    So i've had issues with my breaks for quite sometime the problem starts when I used a local auto repair man, he told me the rotors/pads were toast and I needed replacement. He replaced all of them and said that there was a lug nut that would not come off the front right tire in which he told me he had to weld the break boot into place..

    A month later, my oil light keeps coming on, i noticed also the oil was low- put in a liter and within a week it was empty again... I had it changed during the breaks so I took back to the same mechanic to inquire why. He then tells me that it's l oil pan was messed up and he fixed it and no leaks were present. Two days later I come back to have him install new tires rain season was coming. While driving my car out of the car shop (after he fixed oil pan and instealled tires ect) the check engine light went on- the car lost total and complete power. It was like no power driving, he tells me that the timing was off- the hydronic tentioner failed. He said that wasn't connected... so he then connected it and it ran again... at this point I really don't trust this guy and said i'd go to another person for the next issue...

    Fast forward to my car continuing to have issues and around 6 months then becoming insanely loud to drive the car- A new mechanic (who came recommended) said it was a wheel bearing issue on the front two tirees... So he replaced the bearing wheels and the noise went away- He also said that he thought everything happening with the other mechanic sounds like foul play.. Did an oil change ect.

    4 months later, the noise is greatly reduced but still sounds louder than usual. We decide to drive our subaru more and prius less, maybe driving a total of 50 ish miles a week? Now over the last 2 months the prius has struggled with starting (all the lights on the dash) are on but mostly after 2/3 attempts we are able to start the prius and drive it normally. The car is clearly needing to use its engine to turn on, no more silent turn on's anymore but this started happening like the last year or so... My gas milage is also been reduced during all of this. But last week we needed to drive it out of town, and about 45 minutes into the highway drive many of the lights came on (the break light, ABS/warning) and the breaking was not really working (pedal to metal barely stopping/no stopping short at all).

    My mechanic said that it was a loose bleeder valve on my front right break- that everything was fine and that I just lost all break fluid. He then began to ask me if I had any one angry at me because there is no way this can fall out organically or without someone doing it intentionally. when I asked if this is possibly there mistake (since they installed the bearings ect) within the past 4 months, he said that bleeder valves leak fast and quick and i would have known it the day I picked it up from the shop.

    While he didn't charge me to fix the issue and it seems to be working fine- I am not sure if either A) he did a sloppy job and didn't tighten the bleeder valve during the last install and I didn't notice it because we are driving the prius way less or someone did try and mess with my car, which isn't totally impossible because we live in oakland and catalytic converters get stolen almost weekly in my neighborhood so potentially someone was trying to steal the CC and accidentally loosened the plug?. But I figured I'd ask to see if this is potentially connected? Like is my battery having an issue and its causing the fluid in the breaks not to pump right/loosen the bleeder valve... I'm honestly not sure, and I'm struggling to trust my mechanics because things keep going wrong every few months..

    Lastly-- Are there anythings I can do to figure out the battery issues on my own and if anyone knows of a really good mechanic within the bay area!

    Any thoughts on if this issue could be connected or if it's just really bad luck with initial mechanic and prius is also aging.

    Thank you!
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    Mar 24, 2016
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    1) Oil leaking from the bleeder?
    Should be noticed fairly quickly, like the first time you brake.
    Once pressure is applied to the brake pedal the oil would shoot out of the bleeder if it was not tightened.
    Now, was the bleeder loose and over time vibrations loosened it further, then causing the failure...I don't know.
    2) Act of vandalism or revenge?
    Revenge could be possible, only you know this.
    Vandalism related to thief's, they would take a hubcap over loosening a bleeder I think...I don't know.
    3) Do you need a better mechanic?
    I think yes you do.
    190K mileage is a lot, but many on this forum have higher mileage.
    You are not the original owner so the entire history of the car may be unknown.
    I think yes your car has aged.
    None the less - good luck and best wishes.