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    Mar 2, 2016
    2008 Prius
    I am doing some very low key standard modifications, and would appreciate some input. I am going to replace my headlight assemblies. I have seen it done without dropping the whole bumper, but is it best and easier just to take the whole bumper off? Now the reason I want new assemblies is because I am putting new LED bulbs in them.

    Now when I opened the kit that says it will fit with my factory plugs...the ends have 3 pins instead of 3 blades. I am totally at a loss now...I know I can splice right into the existing wires but is there a better way?

    Also I want to install floodlights. I purchased an aftermarket set for a prius.

    There are no instructions and I will have help with the wiring but I really would like to know about the mounting of them.

    Any help on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated. I also will include a pic of the ends of the wire. 20170204_234520.jpg