Help with replacing tires (and possibly other general maintenance suggestions)

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    I have a 2010 Prius that doesn’t get a lot of use (under 40,000). It was under warranty until about a year ago so I would take it to get normal service. But now I’m seeing the tire treads are really worn and I believe they need to be replaced (southwest US with very dry weather I think is contributing even though it’s been used infrequently). However, I don’t know anything about tires. From what I have gathered run flats aren’t a good idea since they’re heavier and hurt MPG. Are there any specifics I should be sure to get on the new tires?

    And since I’m no longer going in for regular maintenance under warranty, are there any other routine things I should be doing besides replacing air filters and oil to keep the car operating and MPG high?

    Thanks for any help! I’m clearly not much of a car person so it’s very appreciated.
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    with your miles, your biggest concern is the hv battery, which prefers to be used. if you don't want to spend a few grand on a new one some time in the future, you might consider selling the car.

    as far as other maintenance goes, follow the guide that came with the owners manual. you will see that many items are based on miles or time, whichever comes first.

    tires are personal. look through the various tire threads here and decide which qualities you want, and at what cost.
    all the best!(y)
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    For a 15" tire, a little upscale, you can't go wrong with Michelin Defender T+H. It's an all-season with a good balance of qualities. A little cheaper, but still a tire I've bought more than once: Bridgestone Ecopia EP20. The may try to push you to the EP422 Plus, but I would stick with the EP20, tried and true.

    Maintenance items that may have been neglected:

    1. Full brake inspection. Toyota USA recommends tri-yearly or 30K miles, whichever comes first. I get the sense both owners and dealerships tend to goof off on this. It is not the 5 minute "visual inspection" while they're rotating the tires. This should be around $250~300, somewhat labour intensive. Does not need to involve replacement pads or rotors, just inspection, clean up and relube.

    2. Brake fluid replacement: Toyota USA says nothing. Toyota Canada says tri-yearly or 30K miles (48K kms), whichever comes first. This should be around $100, no more than $150. The Repair Manual has a cut-and-dried procedure for doing this without Techstream.

    3. Transaxle fluid replacement: Toyota USA and CDN both say the fluid is lifetime. Owner's who've seen the dark colored first drain stuff often differ. A first change seems the most crucial, never too soon. Then a subsequent change, well down the road, say after another 60K miles. Somewhere between $80 and $125 is reasonable, no more for sure; it's quite simple and straightforward. Again, Repair Manual has a simple instruction for doing this, very straightforward.

    4. Full clean-out of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, and intake manifold, and install of an Oil Catch Can. Maybe a bit early, but a lot of 3rd gen owners are starting to encounter head gasket failures, which very likely are due to clogging EGR system.

    I won't inundate this post with Repair Manual excerpts and thread links, for now. Just the bullet points I can think of. Maybe have a look through the @NutzAboutBolts thread, pinned at top of 3rd gen Maintenance Forum: has links to myriad DIY maintenance videos.