High Voltage Battery Analyser has landed in USA. Developing preassembled charger KITs now

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    Jul 12, 2012
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    We are happy to announce that first of our High Voltage Battery Analysers (made in New Zealand) has made its way to USA.

    We recently had an honour of hosting the owner of the company from States specialising in Hybrids and EVs who visited New Zealand to get first-hand experience with our devices.

    We have developed 14, 19, 20, 28 and 38-channel High Voltage Battery Analysers and High Voltage Chargers – complimentary to our Analysers. Chargers are also made in New Zealand. Input 100-240AC, isolated from mains output: 140-240 V DC @ 1- 2A Constant Current Charge. Main power boards are made in Japan and South Korea.
    We are looking at making chargers affordable for small Garages and price competitive by offering it in a preassembled, pre-wired KITs requiring only the box of your choice.
    Chargers can fit into small briefcase or small factor PC enclosure and can serve as a "rescue" charger for depleted battery. To be used only by trained professionals.

    Chargers were initially developed to compliment our Analysers but we are getting enquiries about shipping chargers only, hence the question - what's in it for you? Do you want a KIT?

    Take this option as example:
    Input 100-240AC, Output: 240VDC @ 1A Charge. Are you prepared to pay 800 USD (including shipment to USA/Europe) for a pre-wired KIT? $1000 for assembled plug and play box?