Hit the incline of a hill hard.

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    Jul 16, 2017
    2014 Prius
    Hi all. A couple months ago while driving in Seattle, I was driving up a hill fast to beat the light. As I was entering the next section of the hill (where the hill flattens out and then rises again), I hit the incline hard enough that the whole car shook. I pulled over to the side, one because it rattled the hell out of me and two because the car kind of stalled for a second and then came back. No smells or leaks and no apparent damage that I could see then and is still the case now. But I have noticed that my MPG has gone down and the car is feeling sluggish. It could just be that the car has almost 82k miles on it and is almost time for a major tune up but I would like to get some other opinions. Mostly I fear that I may have cracked my engine block. Does the check engine light come on for that?