Holy sweet baby jesus.

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    Jan 18, 2017
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    So i needed a jump. My fault left my lights on. Can i just say I will never EVER use AAA again. Worst experience ever. The guy had no clue how to jump me. Anyways luckily he had one of those portable jump machines. Since ive watched alot of youtube i picked up instantly he didnt know how to jump a hybrid. I did the dayum work. Long story short guys. Im no linger with AAA know how to diy an always carry the tools you need. Needless to say iam with a new road side assistance company and they have WAYYYYYY more benefits than AAA an i only waited 30 mins for a tow in another vehicle i have. If anyone is interested. In hooking up with them check out the website. They only deal with USA an CANADA . absolutely amazing. I will never leave this company they know their stuff and you get UNLIMITES SERVICES. iam happy with my new prius an road side services. Now i feel safe

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