HOV plates in AZ?

Discussion in 'Prime Main Forum (2017-Current)' started by Digloo2, Mar 17, 2018.

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    The dealer said when I get my tags I can go to DMV (in Maricopa Cty, AZ) and they'll issue me a plate so I can use the HOV lane.

    However, the DMV site says they're not issuing such plates for anything other than "alt-fuel" vehicles. Meaning 100% electric, or even SUVs and trucks that are dual-fuel that can run 100% on recycled fryer oil or ethanol.

    I guess 100% on battery power for 25 miles doesn't count here.

    But I also suspect the dealers know quite well what's what.

    Anyway, I got my tags yesterday, but the DMV is only open during normal business hours during the week now, meaning you have to take time off of work. No Saturday service any more. (If revenues from vehicle taxes are supposed to pay for DMV services, why are they cutting back on DMV services while vehicle taxes are going up?)
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    Digloo, unfortunately that is probably not the case. The prime qualifies for the hybrid plate which allows you into the HOV lane however, the number of plates is limited to 10,000 plates and they are all currently assigned to vehicles. When enough plates are surrendered when the vehicle is sold, the re- release the unassigned plates. The last reassignment occurred in 2015. You will need to watch the AZMVD site or sign up for news and update announcements because when they re-release the available numbers, they will go very fast. I tried to check if there was any news about the release of plates but the site is currently down.?. The dealer should not have told you that and hopefully didn’t use it to secure the sale.