How Do I Repair A Hybrid Automotive Prolong Discharger?

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    - He didn't ship it back to Australia. He sent it to California (a freight forwarder) without telling me first, and I had to retrieve it from there. This is despite my Australian return-address being on the box that I sent the discharger in.

    - There is no dispute about George's honesty. However, I don't have a whole lot of faith in his repair/testing skills, or his interest in resolving something with minimal cost to the customer. Why is sending parts to me now an option, when it wasn't possible last year? "We will need to have that unit send back for repair."
    When the discharger originally failed the first time I contacted George.

    My original request was to fix it locally (ie for him to send me repair parts). He denied that request.

    Me: "Although I appreciate that it's a proprietary design, is there anywhere in Australia that is able to repair the discharger? Shipping is going to be expensive for both of us."
    Hybrid Automotive: "I am really sorry to hear that, yes it does look like the resistors inside the unit went bad. We will need to have that unit send back for repair."

    When it was "repaired" he sent it back to the wrong address.

    I ended up paying the return freight to me.

    And the discharger failed on the first use.

    So yeah, I'm a tad miffed with George (the actual words that spring to mind are not permitted here).

    He insisted on the most expensive way of doing something, and still didn't repair the discharger.

    This would have been obvious if it was tested before sending it out, but I'm assuming that testing didn't happen.

    So no, I haven't contacted George directly since his repair didn't work.

    I gave George a chance. The freight cost me around half of the original cost of the discharger.

    To take it up with George again will just repeat the same cycle, and I'm damn angry that he didn't fix it the first time I paid to send it back.

    My experience with that repair was that it was done the most costly way possible, and I did not want to repeat that.

    Rather than create any more bad sentiment with George I wrote a lengthy email to the owner of Hybrid Automotive, Jeff Sloan.

    Jeff saw a comment of mine on a Facebook group that I'd had problems with my Prius discharger and messaged me directly, asking for more information. Hence the email to him - it was lengthy, but reasonably constructive and conveyed the point of view of a frustrated customer.

    But after six weeks I haven't received a reply from Jeff (I've also asked him on Messenger if he's going to reply - which he's seen).

    I wanted a solution, and I figured that if there's a dissatisfied customer out there somewhere then Jeff would want to know about it, and hopefully address it.

    The email (copied in a post above here) not only covered the repeatedly faulty discharger, but also a bunch of other things - why aren't there serial numbers on the items, what options are there for future out-of-warranty repairs, instructions for later model Camrys, why can't I use my Camry discharger on a Prius battery and a few other things.

    This issue shouldn't involve George anymore - that's why I haven't contacted him again.

    It should be moved up the management hierarchy to someone with the authority to make a more senior decision (ie in this case, Jeff Sloan).

    When I originally started this thread my simple request was if anyone knew how to repair a Hybrid Automotive discharger.

    This thread was never meant to be about George.

    TL;DR: There aren't further emails to George because I took it up with the owner of Hybrid Automotive instead, and didn't receive a reply.

    All I wanted was to learn how to fix my Hybrid Automotive Prius discharger. If anyone has experience with this then please contact me.
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    Right on Phildo. I hear ya bro. Funk George LOL

    If resistors were bad couldn't you figure that out?
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    It's a very simple device... Anyone with soldering board skills is going to be able to replace that resistor. If anything else is wrong that likely won't be that hard to deal w/either.