How many kilowatts for full charge?

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    I have a bluetooth miniVCI and both Hybrid Assistant and Torque lite on my phone. I haven't figured out how to get either phone app to give the type of EV data I'm looking for. If I spent the $5 for torque pro I think I'd have at least some more EV data from the app.

    From what I've gathered both from posts here and monitoring prius gauges the basic rundown of electrical specs from wall to battery to wheels of the primes 8.8 Kw h capacity traction pack.
    rounding off
    6.6 Kw h from the wall
    5.5 kw h at the wheels
    give or take
    I understand most/some of the reasons the kw h from the wall would be variable depending on - well a lot of reasons
    I remember another thread here that discussed power losses of the electrical components. populated with posts mostly from members and previous members who now own Teslas'
    that 5.5 kw h was what most were seeing / believing to be the amount of energy dispersed to the wheels from with the prime.
    I'm not sure and would be very interested to learn if and / or why the energy measurement at the wheels might change, for whatever reasons.
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    From the wall numbers are empirical measurements by many who use app on L2 or Kill-a-Watt meter on L1. I think the number variation is primarily due to the efficiency difference between L1 and L2. For L1 6.5kWh, for L2 6.1. And even with the same EVSE, day to day "full-charge" do vary. I think this is because when people report zero EV range when plugging in, the actual battery SOC can be anywhere between 14% down to 8% depending on how deep HV portion of the battery SOC was depleted before parking. This will result in a max of 0.528kWh difference seen at the wall charge. Plus, use of engine cooler, engine heater, and/or climate preconditioning will also add more at the wall charge.

    Now, as for the energy available for the full EV range being 5.5 kWh, it must be constant, unless there is some unknown software control Toyota implements on the car. I can see such software update Toyota might utilize, say after some years to let the car use more of the traction battery SOC for EV to keep the driving range at the same level to effectively hide battery degradation. However, there is no evidence I have seen or heard of such manipulation so far.
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