How the Prius helps cab companies save cost, and how the +/v will continue to change the game

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    I was at my dealer last week and he provided me with the preliminary brochure of the Yaris Hybrid (with the same HSD drivetrain as the Prius C) and the Prius + (the EU name of the v/alpha).

    Both cars are going to be released in Germany (and likely at the same time in the rest of the EU) on June 16th, 2012. At which point I will test drive both... ;) and compare with my Prius 2010...

    Conversing with the sales man, he mentioned that he already sold about 15 of both the Yaris HSD and the Plus, even though not yet available...(and I can tell you that 15 Plus is a lot for such a VW/BMW/Mercedes/Audi dominated market as the one in Munich, and Germany generically speaking). He was himself surprised of the success of cars not even yet released...

    More interestingly, a cab company in Munich, which currently owns both Prius 2nd and 3rd gen cabs, will change *all* of its car fleet to Prius Plus.
    Why? essentially with the Prius they currently save 7000€/car/year on costs (that includes, fuel, tax, maintenance costs). Each car drives on average 60.000km/year.
    The comparison is to the average VW Passat SW/Touran or Mercedes class E taxis you see here (all diesels) - I expect the Mercedes to be heavily subsidised from Mercedes, because from a fuel economy point of view and maintenance/purchase costs, even as diesels, for the city they are simply hopeless.
    NOTE: Diesel costs now in Germany about 1.5€/L, or 7-8$/gal. Regular gas is slightly (10%) more expensive.

    The need to change all Priuses to the Plus? The need for luggage space which for customers going/coming from Munich Airport is a necessity, as well the possibility to carry around up to 6 passengers. This has limited somewhat the cab company ability to serve more customers than with regular cars (mentioned above).

    I am expecting to see way more Priuses in the future of Munich's streets... :)
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    Awesome. Many cab companies in the US have found that the Prii work great for cabs as well, and pay for themselves even with gas/petrol only costing less than half the price it is in Europe; in fuel costs, maintenance, and goodwill for being so much less polluting, etc. Unfortunately, as you probably know, Toyota Marketing USA's plan to only let the US have the five-seat option limits the extra utility of the v for cabs in the US. Maybe the cab companies can help protest to let us have the option.
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    The only other V's I've seen in Montreal so far (lots of OG Prii on the streets) apart from ours are cabs. It's no surprise, they're roomy and while some people/reviews have taken issue with the high trunk floor because of the NiMH battery pack, the even cargo entry is a major plus.

    Our V is a company car for a small production company and so far it's performed admirably, and done so in great comfort compared to the claustrophobic and fuel-hungry Impreza Wagon it replaced.

    Do I miss my five-speed heel and toeing? Not for one second in regular, everyday driving.