HV Battery Failing need recommendations

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    Hey everyone ! New user here. I bought a used 2005 Prius back in Feb 2020 (first owner had it sitting for a few a while). It has been running really well since I’ve had it but about a week ago I got the dreadful red triangle of death along with the check engine light and (!). Car currently has 132015 miles on it.

    Before I took it to Toyota, I checked the 12v battery which was got as low as 11.8v while there was no engine running and 14.2v while the engine was running. I’ve cleaned the HV battery fan (which is still super loud. After I cleaned that, I noticed there was about 2 inches of water by my 12v battery in that little tray area. Got the wet vac and dried the area out but the problems still persisted.

    Once I went to Toyota they gave me codes (also attached):
    (#8 Block has 1.5 volt variation .3 max, need to replace hybrid assembly)

    So right now I’m trying to figure out what exactly I need to do. I’ve looked at multiple posts to try and find some guidance but honestly I’m stuck on what to do. I figured my best option would be newpriusbatteries just because I need something a little more affordable and brand new. I’m waiting on my local dealership to call me back with prices but other than that I haven’t found anything that quite matches the price of just $1600.

    Another issues I have is there are no hybrid shops by me. I live in South Jersey but pretty far south where there isn’t much around and I’m not sure that I would be comfortable installing the battery by myself without causing some other issues.

    Any help would be much appreciated !

    68C1B450-4428-4C2A-8F58-5B1BEADA47CA.jpeg FD24E4B8-2386-4104-9DA4-41A557AC112C.jpeg
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    I am sure lots of local mechanics could easily swap an entire new battery assembly. Its just a big metal enclosure with a few cables and bolts to deal with after accessing it in the rear hatch compartment.

    Be sure you are comparing apples to apples because there is a big difference between swapping an entire battery assembly (refurb or new) and rebuilding your assembly with a kit. The $1600 option is a kit that requires someone to remove the battery assembly, open the enclosure, safely disassemble individual cells, wiring harnesses, copper buss bars, temperature and voltage sensors and then replace those parts one by one with kit parts. At that point reinstall the entire battery assembly into the car.

    Other suppliers are simply swapping the whole battery assembly for another. Which is typical of refurb and when you buy new at a dealer. A battery assembly swap can done in 30 minutes start to finish with simple tools. So if you buy the kit you really need to either do it all yourself (maybe with some knowledgeable diy help) or pay somebody a good wage to do it over a period of hours.

    I know that most people on this blog are strong diy types but the general public usually wants an experienced tech to fix their car. Finally there are third parties that sell new Toyota battery assemblies for around $2300.
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    I can understand your situstion, especially under current circumstances. However, the Prius is not an inexpensive car. It costs more when new (but is reliable and efficient), or it costs more when it gets older as the pricey bits wear out.

    You basically have 3 choices:

    1) DIY - you replace the hv battery yourself with a new one. Least money but you have to accept the risks of performing the job safely and correctly.

    2) Have an indie shop do it. Will cost more for labor. It can be a challenge to find one willing to perform "heavy" hybrid work if they don't have the training or experience. If there isn't a lot of hybrid demand in your area then there won't be many willing to get involved.

    3)have a dealer do it. Most expensive because of labor rates and parts markup. Likely the best warranty that would be honored nationwide.

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    Pretty much any of the Craigslist installers can install a NPB battery kit if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. And $1600 is before you recoup some costs in selling old modules. Some people swap the old modules to an installer for a "free" install (~$250 to $500 worth of modules).
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    After installing my new NPB battery system I put my modules up for sale on Craig’s List.
    Took a while to sell and ended up getting $100 for all 28 modules.
    Markets may vary greatly.
    Then I sold my Prolong charger for $400 on eBay.

    Meanwhile my new battery system works perfectly. I have all my power back and can now tow again. Very pleased.
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