Hybrid Battery Codes, plus more

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    Oct 19, 2021
    2004 Prius
    I have a 2004 with 230k miles on it. I was driving last week and the red triangle, ABS, VCS lights came on. I continued driving to get to a safer location. About 5 mins later the brake light came on and started beeping. I was able to get into a parking lot. I sat for a bit and then limped all the way home. I had it scanned at an Advanced Auto Parts. The codes that came back were:
    C1241 - low battery positive voltage
    C1259 - HV system regenerative malfunction
    C1310 Malfunction HV system
    P0A80 - replace Hybrid Battery
    P3014 - Battery Block 4 becomes weak

    I have decided to go ahead and get a refurbished hybrid battery but I am worried about the C1259 and C1310 codes. My questions is, will getting a new battery make those codes go away? Are they more than likely thrown because of the hybrid battery dying?
    Don't want to put $1500 into it to have an even more costly repair ahead.