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Hybrid battery module load test strange pattern

Discussion in 'Prius c Technical Discussion' started by abubin, Oct 2, 2022.

  1. abubin

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    Dec 7, 2019
    2012 Prius
    Ok, so I have code P0A80 on my Prius C. So I dismantled the battery and checked the modules one by one.

    I tested each module by hooking it up to a light bulb that draws around 4amp.

    The trend I am seeing is the batteries would drain fast going from 8v to 7.2v. Ranging from 10 min to 4 min. Then from 7.2v, those modules that are still good would drain slower, like 10min going into 7v.

    However, as I tested a few spare batteries I got from a Prius Gen 3, it is the opposite. From 8v to 7.2v, it will take 20 min. But from 7.2v to 6.8v, it will drain faster like 8min.

    TLDR; Prius C batteries discharge slower when voltage is low. Prius Gen 3 batteries discharge slower when voltage is high.

    Is there something wrong with the spare Prius Gen 3 batteries I have? I have tested 2 modules and both have similar treand compared to 20 modules tested on Prius C

    Here is one example,
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