Hybrids, Consumer Reports, Service industry gone down the tubes

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    I had a 2001 that I loved until it gave me issues. I was looking back over that thread; that was a very trying time. Did that turn out to be a good car? What I thought was odd - in 2013 that thing went through all kind of problems, but it was *still* one of Consumer Reports recommended cars. Now it "doesn't have enough info" or whatever to give it a rating. So do the good folks of Prius chat like Consumer Reports? It's never steering me wrong. I mean- I did buy a 2003 Suburban. But heck, I had twins coming. 5 kids. Needed a people hauler. We had that thing over 13 years. Whatever it needed- I fixed it. Had good mechanics on file- and that was a good thing; because it wasn't without ailments. 3 power window replacements. Fuel Pump went out when it was only about 3-4 years old. Transmission Rebuilt (sounds like that is typical with that age and miles). But when it starting cracking paint really bad (white)- that's when I let her go and got a Highlander. Regret letting that go to this day. I try to live lean- no need in keeping a vehicle you don't drive. But the third question I have is about the service industry. I'm thinking about my Suburban. Anything that happened to it- you took it somewhere. They fixed it. I'm thinking about my two toyotas (2014 Prius and 2012 Highlander), and it occurred to me- the dealer just stopped recommending any services outside of oil changes. Now some of us like that. I can change the filters, I buy my tires somewhere else. Okay- you guys did get me on the brake job! But they just aren't they same anymore. And they probably, like everywhere else, are short on help- and maybe even oem parts with the whole supply chain issues we've had in the last two years. Just a rant here- but wondering what Fred thought about those three things. OH- and if I can ask a fourth question. Seems like 5 years ago there was a crap ton (pardon my language) of hybrid Honda Civics on the market when I was looking for a car for my daughter. Are those any good- really never looked at those hard. Love Honda's, own a 2 owner 2006 ridgeline, but I didn't think (at the time) those hybrids that had 70-100k miles on them were worth touching.
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    They weren't all that bad but like gen 2 Priuses they're pretty long in the tooth now

    How about a 2nd gen Insight?

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