I am no longer a Prius Owner :(

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    May 20, 2018
    2011 Prius
    I wasn't driving too much and got an offer too good to refuse.
    I sold my 2011 Prius 4 with Solar Moon Roof Package and 62,729 miles for $11,000 exactly.
    The local Toyota Stealership offered me $8,500(what a bunch of crooks) and Carvana offered me $10,627.
    I'm very sad, but you have to make decisions based on your mind, not your heart.
    I'm not driving much and if I get a different job, and when used car prices go back down to earth, I'll buy another Prius in notime. There were a few other factors that hastened my decision besides sky high used car prices. I was worried about the catalytic converters being stolen and would have had to spend money on installing a cat shield to protect them.
    I would have had to spend money at the mechanic very soon on getting transmission fluid drain and fill, inverter coolant flush, and engine coolant flush. I would have had to get an oil catch can installed soon as well to prolong the life of the headgasket. I would have had to have the battery fan service performed eventually too.
    Hopefully the new owner will do all these services in a timely manner to prolong the life of Prius.
    I did fantasize about fixing up that Prius so that the paint would be as good as a brand new car with no dents, scratches, chips, scuffs or cracks(2.75" one in the front bumper cover). Hopefully the new owner will fix it up real nice. I'll be driving my 2004 Impala Base Model Hoopty with 134k miles on it in the meantime till I have need for a newer car again.

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    Mar 29, 2018
    2007 Prius
    Congrats on getting a good price. I was offered $3500 by two different dealers (even though they had a Prius on their lot for $10k, same color, less options). Yeah... I've never walked out of a showroom faster in my lifetime. Then again, the response selling private party has been just as sour.

    I might just keep mine and jazz it up like a few JDM guys I envy on Instagram.
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