I discovered the rocking method.

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    So to be honest, I haven't had time to get my Prius completely into working condition this winter and have been driving exclusively the Hybrid Avalon. I do go out a few times a month and start it, put it in drive hold the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal and let it warm up and charge up. I think I need another thermostat since mine kicks in at around 170° or less and then drops down to below 160° before closing again.

    Anywho, the reason for the post. Sitting in the same spot allowed ice to build up around the tires. So yesterday I though I would try to back it up a little, but it wouldn't budge. The tires would just spin. So I tried timing the times I blip the accelerator pedal but still couldn't get it to rock out of the ice dips.

    Finally, I tried holding the accelerator pedal down a bit and to take the shifter and bump it back and forth between D and R. It worked like a dream, even better than in a car with a manual transmission. I got the car rocking back and forth and before you knew it it was up and out of the ice dips created around the tires.

    Hopefully I can soon finish un-bending the metal underneath the driver's side fender so I can get it put back on along with the headlights and bumper and then I should be set for driving around in it.