I Installed a front bumper camera :)

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    Jul 31, 2022
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    I recently installed a Wireless Solar Camera for the front bumper. I got tired of not knowing how close the front end against obstacles (concrete parking blocks, walls, curbs, etc.) so I purchased a Wireless Solar backup camera that didn't require any drilling or wires.

    Materials and Tools:
    1) Parkvision Solar Wireless Backup Camera on Amazon (I ordered the version that has the solar panels facing upward and forward facing in one whole assembly.) It also has removable lithium battery.
    2) Scoche MS2i Magic Mount Magic mount phone holder
    3) Screw driver
    4) Optional: black electrical tape (just to keep the power cable neat and tidy
    5) Optional: additional mounting plate with sticky backing to hold the monitor

    I went a further by adding a mounting plate with sticky backing just underneath the shifter. Doing this allows me to hide the monitor when not in use.

    See pictures below.
    Happy installation!

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