I need major help with my C

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    Feb 15, 2017
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    I have narrowed down my issue, but before I take it into Toyota, I am seeing what you guys have to say.
    I have a 2012 C. 218k miles. A couple weeks ago my car kicked off the gas engine (“ready” mode automatically off) and went full electric for a couple of minutes while it slowly Slowed down and stopped. Turn the car off and back on again, ready under the P would be there, you’d hear rattles under the hood as if the car was struggling to get fuel, it would run for about 10 seconds and then ready mode will go off, and all the alarms including “ Check hybrid system pull the vehicle over immediately“

    in the past two months I replace the hybrid battery, exhaust system, 12 V battery, and an entire replacement engine. I took it to a shop and they diagnosed it as a bad fuel pump. Brought it home, replaced the pump, and sure enough again, after a few days of the car PERFECTLY running after clearing the codes, boom, once again, I’m on the side of the road stranded with the exact same issue...

    Tomorrow I am borrowing a pressure gauge and I’m going to pull off the fuel line to see if there’s pressure. Perhaps there is a clogged line or who knows… When you do hook up a code reader to my car, it’s spits out a ton of emission codes, and a couple low engine power ones and all this time I had Believed the emissions issue was nothing important but maybe the vapor system is what’s shutting the car down...? Idk, the shop was certain it was the fuel pump and the car still acts like it’s starving for fuel once this issue arises. This has happened three times to me. We pull the battery which resets everything, the car runs amazing for a few days until the codes catch up and boom the car is inoperable.
    What do you guys think, bc I’m losing my mind
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    A mis-routed vacuum line could account for this, and that could have happened during the engine swap.

    Somebody's going to have to take the time to reconcile the OBDII error codes with the actual conditions. If you (or someone you hire) goes through that list of codes and does the basic checks associated with each, there's a good chance somebody's going to find hose x that should be plugged into part y and vice versa.