I won the UMTR 2nd points race Saturday, no...make that Sunday morning!

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    Jan 15, 2012
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    So last Saturday I leave Fishers (NE edge of Indy) to drive to Mountain Park Dragway in Clay City, KY for our United Manual Transmission Racers series second points race. The 245 mile trip took 4 hours. I ended up winning the race at 1:55 am Sunday! I close the exhaust, remove all the magnetic backed decals, get my money, and load the spare/jack/tools back in the car. A bit later I took a 1/2 hour nap and made it to my driveway at 5:50 am...took a three hour nap and then drove to Lucas Oil Dragway (Indy) just to loose first round. The car I used was a 1995 SOHC slightly modded Plymouth (RIP) Neon. Click the following link to see me standing by my car while I check the Air Density Altitude to dial in my time. If you go to the last page you can see the first guy that I eliminated on the top left photo...he ran a perfect 11.600 on a 11.60 dial while I ran off by only .01 and beat him with a better reaction time, a perfect example of a hole shot victory. He was 2nd in the pts series last year while I was third. The last guy I beat was in the top center photo...he red lit. If you go back to page 4 and click on the photo under that of my Neon you'll see the beautiful 64 Vette that I beat the second round...he beat me first round of our first points race year by .0027! The entire 500+ mile two day of driving and racing had the car get a hair over 35 mpg! I absolutely LOVE beating pure drag racing cars with a street driven econocar. I am the only guy that drives to all of the events, even though our class is called the SS...Street Stick class. So last year I was second in points and third in 2010 after winning the Stick Shift Nationals with this car when it had been borrowed from my mechanic when my low 12 second at 119 mph Neon SRT4 broke an input shaft. I bought the Cheap Skate March last year and made money in 8 of our 12 races. The second link is of the 335 hp SRT4 Neon...also driven on DOT tires and pump gas...then my old 84 Horizon (94 hp)...and then the old 96 Geo Metro 3 banger that I used to have and made money with in 2 of three races. BTW, The odeometer went past 200,000 miles on the way home. The old 84 horizon is nearling 300,000 miles.

    UMTR - Mt. Park Dragway - 6/2/12 - Hyper-Performance Motorsports Inc. Photography

    UMTR at Edgewater - June 13, 2009 - Hyper-Performance Motorsports Inc. Photography

    Opening Test and Tune | Facebook

    UMTR Nationals at Edgewater - 9/26/09 - Hyper-Performance Motorsports Inc. Photography
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