If you have an allocated XLE in White or Blue in MA and is considering backing out, please let me kn

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    Jun 4, 2022
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    Before you laugh at how much of a choosing beggar this post will be, I will try to explain where we are coming from. And also, if this thread violates any rules, please delete it.

    I have been on many different waitlists back in March for a Prime XLE, either in white or in blue. Our anniversary and my wife’s birthday is coming up (end of July) so I have been trying to surprise her with something to upgrade from her old Prius.

    The color preference has a story behind it too (and that is why I had to pass on many red offers, painfully…).

    I did not forsee the market to be this crazy when I entered the search. I even encountered someone parsing allocation sheets from VINs for other models (RAV4 Prime), just to highlight how hard you have to search to buy a Prime right now.

    This is likely my last resort, after which I will consider other available options in my area to meet the timeframe. However, if you are in MA, and you are reconsidering your allocated vehicle, please reach out.
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