Infiniti boss focuses on 'sustainable' brand

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    Q: What does it mean for Infiniti to be a sustainable business?

    A: It means strong customer satisfaction, dealer coverage and premium products with luxury experiences and a profitable business. A lot of good things are in the pipeline that are not visible today. We want to make sure that the next steps are going to be really solid and not coming back to us having aging models.

    Q: What kind of differentiated powertrains will future Infiniti vehicles have?

    We will have a high-performance, exclusive version of e-Power. The name is not yet completely decided, and we will disclose it in a few months. We will have more horsepower — much more — to represent Infiniti because that's one of the ingredients of the DNA of Infiniti.

    And the second point is the serenity — the silence on board. Not only the powertrain, but the body. In the plan, we will have an ICE offering, high-performance e-Power and a pure EV.

    Infiniti's Peyman Kargar focuses on 'sustainable' brand