Install XM Radio Toyota Kit in 2007 Prius

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    Yes you can install the factory kit, yes It works great and intergrates into the factory radio. It took lots of research, but heres my notes for you... I have a 2007 with B/U Camera (factory Package #2) and radio head # 51824 (plays mp3 and wma files from a cd), after you install the factory kit you push am twice to get to the SAT pages, they give you 3 pages for presets, my display does read all out 16 characters, "John Cougar Mell" when you press the "TXT" button to see the name of the song. I've read that the Radio head # 51830 may not work or it will only read out 10 characters, (its is not a mp3/wma cd head). It took me 5 hours, a easy project but I have some tech skills, pull out the glove box 2 air registers, and all trim on right side of car to run wires to under the right side back seat where you mount the receiver box ( everything just popps off, read the instructions !) , I followed the attached Toyota factory install instructions, I got my hands on 2 sets of instructions, the newest one I found is dated 2008, (see attached pdf file) the others were dated 2006. Heres the Toyota part numbers I installed...PT546-47060 fit kit and a 86180-0w032 Receiver, (comes with a internal antenne and mounts front right corner low on the windshield, inside) The Toyota dealer is supose to print out install instructions for you, says so on the box. Toyota no longer offers a Sirius Kit , only XM. A kit and install DVD is available from Jon at factoryinteractive, the Toyota man to visit with is Jesse at Metro Toyota, Cleveland, OH in the parts department. :D Enjoy your Prius as I .

    It gets a hand full of stations out of the box, not sure how long the trial stations work though...

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