Installed Toyota 86GT 17” Wheels

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    Aug 7, 2020
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    I finally got everything I needed to install the 2018 Toyota 86 GT 17” wheels I got last month.

    On the front I had to install longer wheel studs and 7mm hub centric spacers so that the wheels should clear the caliper. I also installed aluminum hub centric rings 56.1mm OD to 54.1mm to make up for the slightly larger bore on the new wheels.

    On the rear I installed 10mm hub centric spacers. I had to grind about two or three millimeters off the factory studs. I also had to grind about two or three millimeters off the spacer studs as well. This was don’t to prevent the new lug nuts from bottoming out.

    The new wheels require different lug nuts so I had to get 20pc M12 x 1.5 Chrome Radius/Ball Seat Acorn Lug nuts ( Dorman 611-075 EQUIV.)

    I also went ahead and had all new tire pressure monitoring sensors installed in the new wheels. I documented all of the serial numbers needed so I could have them programmed into the car.

    Took it out for the first spin and it drives great, no problems at all.

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