Interesting fable about life and our attitude

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    "Two different shoe salesmen ventured into new territories in an under-developed country. Upon scoping the landscape, the first salesman telegrammed back to the home office requesting an immediate transfer. “This is a lost cause” the salesmen stated, “Not a single person in this country wears shoes, they all go barefoot. Please send me somewhere else” The other salesmen recognized the same and immediately scurried off to the telegraph office stating, “Send more product immediately, every single person in this country is a potential customer!”

    This story was relayed to me early in life and it is now something I teach my children. Life is all about perspective and regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing, at times you will face challenges. Most of us have learned that during difficulties it is critical to seek out the opportunities. It is this perspective which makes the difference between those who succeed or those who remain stuck behind whatever roadblock they currently perceive as insurmountable. "
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