Intermittent Flashing ABS light with triangle 2001 NHW11

Discussion in 'Generation 1 Prius Discussion' started by velosolex50, May 27, 2019.

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    Feb 11, 2019
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    2001 Prius
    I've just put a new Toyota HV battery in the car and all is well on that front. The car had been standing for a few months.
    Unfortunately, the ABS, PS, & triangle warning lights frequently come on at startup. This is accompanied by spongy but working-ok brakes. The PAS seems OK. Switching off and restarting after a few seconds usually clears the warnings, and the brakes go back to normal feel.
    I have fitted a new 12v battery too, but no change.
    No codes on Scanguage 2: jumping the TC & CG OBD terminals just gives a flashing ABS, doors open, and airbag warning lights with no discernible pattern. It also brings up a page in japanese on the Multifunction display, with OK shown in 3 places after a few seconds, also the number 340 and OK next to that.
    I do have a TIS clone but can't get it installed on my laptop so I can't diagnose further until I get that sorted.
    The brakes work fine; normally if the warnings are off, and just with a longer pedal needing more pressure if the warnings are on. I suspect a lazy booster pump, but I'm surprised there are no blink codes.
    Any ideas anyone?