Is my Prius finally growing on her ?

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    Oct 20, 2019
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    So, my GF always hated my 2019 LE. And I think her biggest (most silly) reason, they sit too low to the ground, and then the seat sits too low to the floor. She's only 5ft, so she worries about this a lot. She owns a Ford Maverick Hybrid. And my other vehicle is a Ford F-150 (which I can barely afford to drive)

    Anyway, yesterday we were walking out of the house, and she says about my 2022 XLE... "I think the brand new ones look better now.... Like the front end, or the head lights or something is different"
    Ummm... Well ???
    I sure wasn't going to argue with her. Why would I want her to always try to talk me into driving my truck, if I didn't have to ?
    But in my head I'm thinking, "No. My 2019 and my 2022 are exactly the same". Replying out loud I said, "Yea, you could be right" Glad she's finally getting used to it
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