JBL MFD dead and/or damaged

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    Ok.. I'm an old fixture around here, Bob Wilson helped me a LOT. I have a gen 12002 (still running fine), wife totalled the 2011 so I got a silver 2010 Prius v with JBL and Leather seats, backup cam etc. This morning I grabbed my Diet Mt Dew and ice (foam cup indoor holder) and set it on the dash to get to my microfiber wiping towel under it in the door and as I set it on the dash I bumped the AC vent in center over the MFD spilling maybe a teaspoonful of Diet Mt Dew which went down into the AC vent. Everything was fine and I started my route. Within 5 minutes, the display went dead along with the BT from my phone playing on the JBL. Map display went out and the display went black. I pulled over and cycled the car power. Display (still black) kicked out about 1/2". Display remained dead rest of day. I could push the display back in but when car power turned off. it would kick out about 1/2". (that was consistent) Occasionally I saw a text on the display that said no Map DVD. This may be due to pressing every button on display to try to get it working.
    I have not checked any fuses but suspect the liquid may have caused one to blow. I did try to divert the AC vent to try to drag any vapor out of the area to try to dry it out as much as possible. The day was a typical miserable East Tn rain/spit snow day so plan to check fuses first dry day.,Since I did see a NO Map dvd, I do feel it may be a fuse and the display is ok. I'm an old car audio installer/radio/amp repair but this type of gear is way past my experience back in the 70's thru early 90's. If I had a removal paragraph I could possibly remove it if it's more than a fuse.My gut instinct was to let it dry out for a while to try to keep the moisture from doing further damage and hoping it may return to life....any help/clues very welcome. I know there are a LOT of really great DIY people on here.