Just got my prius, check engine light now on and more

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    Mar 11, 2021
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    2008 Prius
    I just yesterday bought a 2008 4d hatchback, pretty dinged up on the outside but who cares, it drives. Tire pressure indicator on when I bought it. This is my first car.

    Had to drive it from Nashville TN to my home in Madison AL.

    Was doing really great until I sped up too fast trying to pass someone and the large red triangle light came on, the check engine light, the VSC and the (what I believe is the brake fluid?) the circle with the exclamation mark in the middle and two semi circles on the outside.

    I stopped and turned it off, and back on again. Now only the tire pressure and check engine light and the big red triangle were on. The notification on my main display, the overlay with the red car and exclamation point is still there.

    I really don't want to take it to a dealership but I also don't want to break my first car. Any help? Or suggestions?
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    Best to visit a few auto parts stores for a free OBD2 code scan, and report back in this thread with the codes (DTCs). Each chain location may offer a different scanner, and you might get lucky and find one that has a toyota hybrid compatible scanner.

    Another option that most DIYers will use is a 'mini-vci' cable(20 usd) and techstream (same software that the dealership will use) installed on a windows device. Others may use a OBD2 blue tooth adapter and an App like Dr Prius or Hybrid Assistant.

    If you decide on the blue tooth adapter option, please find a quality product : Hybrid battery diagnostic and repair tool for Toyota and Lexus

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