Just replaced tie rods and sway bar links (wow!)

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    Whats up guys,

    I just made 135k miles on my 2010 which is still kinda low for a prius but dang. I replaced my tie rods and sway bar links over the weekend and it made a big difference. It even improved my braking and stopping. It doesnt sway as much during braking or acceleration, and even the turns is smoother with a lot less bounce. It feels like a completely different car and I only replaced the sway bar links and tie rods. It is a lot more stable and balanced.

    I was surprised when I took out the old sway bar links, it weight like a half pound literally. And the new links that I got off ebay which was only $19 shipped seemed a lot more sturdy and properly weighed than the old factory one. The factory links almost felt like I was holding a piece of ruler because of how light it was. No wonder it wasnt doing its job at all because of its quality. And the tie rods were also from ebay for $30 for the pair and it was exactly the same as factory and my steering feels a lot more solid and stable.

    I recommend doing these easy replacements to anyone above 100k miles if you're looking to improve your car's steering, handling, and even braking and accelerating. They're a lot smoother than before.

    I'm still new to working on suspensions and I only learned from watching youtube videos. But I'm looking to do more preventive maintenance on my prius and I wanted to ask if anyone have more suggestions on what i should replace and stuff now that I've reached 135k miles. I know there's a saying if it aint broke dont fix it, but i was just too impressed from the results I got.

    What else should i put on or replace on my prius? Should i replace the wheel bearings, control arms, cv axles, etc? What about aftermarket underbody braces, or strut bars? I do experience swaying left and right in the highway specially if there's wind and I'm looking to get rid of that by upgrading my suspension. Also, i'd like to keep the stock 15 inch wheels without upgrading to 17s since I keep seeing posts from other ppl that going 17 is really the only cure to get rid of the swaying.

    Thank you guys
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    Test it out by putting your wipers on a high speed, that will be the true test if its holding its own.
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    It would be interesting to hear your results in the Maintenance and Troubleshooting section. I don’t think we’ve had a lot of suspension discussion and we don’t have any videos of this.
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    Id suggest installing a rear sway bar if you haven't already. The Prius doesn't have a rear sway bar, only a rear torsion bar. The TRD rear sway bar is by far my favorite mod so far. One thing we cant really do with a Prius is, make it faster. But we can make it handle way better. There are several options, Cusco, Hotchkis or TRD are the top on my list. TRD doesnt make a strut tower bar for the Prius but the Cusco one seems to be a crowd favorite due to some having clearing issues.

    I currently run the OEM 15's, KYB sport shocks and H&R lowering springs with the TRD rear sway bar. I can take corners like I am on rails. Especially if you load up the suspension leading into a turn. I will be going lower with Coils as soon as I can figure out my schedule to stiffen it up more.

    Next will be cusco chassis braces.
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