Keyless entry retrofit Auris hybrid

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    (i tried to find the "other cars" section to post this on, but i cant find it...)
    Hello, we just bought a 2016 Auris Touring sports hybrid for my mom, we traded in our 2010 prius executive. Its a great car, personally me and my mom like it better then the prius she had. But one thing... Its an active S model, so its a trim 3 out of 5 trims, and this one does not got keyless entry (the buttons on the door and hatch) which sucks so bad, so we got to use the key to opena dn lock it instead of just pulling the handle, is there a way to retrofit this? From what i know the different trims on toyota hybrids basically use the same wiring nets on all trim levels, is it a chance the wiring for the keyless entry is left in the door so i can just swap the handle to the sensor one? The auris is very like the prius btw, if anyone have done this on the prius, u can also let me know how u retrofitted that, since its most likely very much the same on the auris. Ive looked thru a hew of the threads regarding this... But they r all from 7 years ago apparently... Must be some new ways by now? Thanks for all answers guys.
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