Kudos to Toyota for legroom

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    I really wanted to buy a Generation II Prius but there was not enough legroom for me. I am hardly a giant at 6 feet 2 inches. Nevertheless, I could not get comfortable behind the wheel. I even considered buying one and having the track that the seat rides on moved backward. However, I didn't like the idea that I had to pay for a new car and right away spend more money to modify it. So, I waited two years for the 2010 Generation III Prius.

    This past Saturday, I got a call from my local Toyota dealer letting me know that they finally got a demo in stock. I drove over immdediately. I hesitated getting into the vehicle, fully expecting to be disappointed after my long wait. I figured I'd end up with a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the 2010 Prius has loads of legroom! I don't even need to put the seat back all the way on its track. Thanks Toyota for getting it right. Maybe they realized that the U.S. is populated with a little more in the way of body size and shape diversity than is Japan.