Leaking condenser, Compressor winding loud noise

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    So you find the leak on your condenser.

    before you just jump and replace the condenser what else should you look for and do

    If your vehicle is at the shop what they should do is completely evacuate and recharge the system 100% full to the under hood label if the leak is not huge so they can diagnose that your compressor is still good and they can diagnose that all the pressure switch is in transducers are working correctly and diagnose the expansion valve is working correctly

    and don’t stop at the first leak try to find that leak in the evaporator GEN two Prius it’s pretty common now.

    Let’s run this compressor at 6000 RPM how long can it survive

    Adding some UV dye

    Added refrigerant 100% factory quantity by weight only

    now it’s cool and the compressor is running cool and slowly and quietly because it’s receding a cold shower of vapor refrigerant saturated with tiny oil particles.

    happy compressor customers bank account is happy.

    Cook your compressor and your bank account will drop by a few thousand dollars
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