LED Easy Cheap Mods Interior some Exterior

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I switched my interior lights to LED's. All LEDS were bought on Ebay buy it now: All had free shipping from China: Most were around $1-2 each. I just put in the bulb type like "921 LED White" and sorted by price and buy it now. It took about 1-2 weeks to get them.

    I like the flat festoon kits - I tape the LED panel with clear tape to the lens. Tape does not show and keeps the light in place- no rattling.

    6 leds kit for the vanity lights $1.50 X2
    48 leds for middle dome light front and back $1.95 X2
    18 LED for the hatch interior
    For the map lights I used: 194 White 20 LEDS $1.05 X2 (these are direct plug in- not a kit)
    Also the 194 20LED for license plate lights $1.05 X2

    The taillights, parking light, And the step light in the door -they look really good and are nice and bright I bought:

    T10 194 168 501 Pure White 1210 SMD 28 LED W5W $1.18 each X6
    I changed the fog lights to 9006 LED - they look great! very bright.
    9006 HB4 3528 120 LED SMD 12V White Head Fog Driving $4.00 for the PAIR!

    • TIPS: If the LEDS do not light- turn them around and plug them in again-
    • The Step light in the door- I had to take off a clear cover for the LED to fit- but light stays in place fine.
    • Changing the tail lights to LED made them brighter and look even better. The LEDS reflect in the reflectors, same with fog light and look great. Parking lights and taillights do not need a special flasher.
    This was a very cheap upgrade and the lights are bright- but not shocking- just bright. I am very happy- and wanted to pass along LEDS do not have to be pricey or hard to do. It is as easy as changing a blub.


    Feston kit.JPG 921 LEDS for map and liscense plate.JPG Dome light.jpg