Looking for good pre-purchase inspection/diagnostics Mechanic in Northern Virginia

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    Hello PriusChat!

    THanks in advance. We own a 2004 Prius with 206k miles and love it and have had basically zero issues with it in 15 years (12 V battery, water falling into top of cylinder head from blocked drainage only two that caused us any issues really) - so we are excited to update to a newer Prius with all its improvements.

    We are looking at a private sale 2017 Prius with 49k miles from a long commute (past 3 yr 36k warranty, some time left on 60k powertrain warranty). I would like to take it to a shop/technician/mechanic who knows his way around a Prius - and a gen 4 Prius if possible - to get a thorough pre-purchase inspection - to help me find if anything is amiss, and thoroughly check the car's systems and do diagnostics, basically to find any red flags, evidence of misuse, impending failure of anything, etc. Obviously it's a newer car with powertrain warranty remaining - so it should check out fine - but getting a pro to dig in to it just in case there's some less obvious issue/misuse, etc. seems prudent.

    I guess a Toyota dealer would be a good source of this - but I do prefer independent mechanics when possible.

    Anybody have a dealership, shop, or better yet - a specific mechanic they would recommend in the DMV? Preferrably in fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria areas.

    Thanks so much!
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