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    As research for an upcoming article, I've been asked by John Owens, the editor of Car and Driver magazine, to find some Prius-driving high-mpg gurus willing to pass along tips for stretching gas to the nth degree. Good tips, goofy tips, tips for cold-weather or hot weather, tire tips, advantage of investing in a ScanGauge, etc. -- all will be welcome.

    If there's anyone in the NYC metro area (NY/NE New Jersey/Conn.) who would like to demonstrate his/her driving tips to the editor, that would be cool, too. You might get your name in the magazine, and will almost certainly be treated to a nice lunch.

    Include an email or phone contact in any responses to this post, or email me directly through this forum.

    I have a 2008 Prius Touring, not much mileage on it yet but I drove it from Ct to Kansas City in August. Coming from an SUV, and being something of a fat guy, I was surprised at how comfortable the car is. Everyone talks about mpg (I got close to 50 mpg on the trip, driving the speed limits all the way), but I think many non-hybrid folks overlook the fact that the Prius is a pretty nice car over and above that. So far I have zero complaints.

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area, but "Main" seemed to cover it.


    Mike Smith
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    If you are going to the Detroit Auto Show next week, I understand there will be a bunch of 'em hanging out there. Send "Danny" a PM and I'm sure he can help on the logistics.

    Bob Wilson