Maryland Emissions Testing... What a Joke.

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    Jan 21, 2008
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    Because the '08-'09 Prius does not qualify for hybrid
    exemption/waiver, it looks like Amapola is going to have to submit to
    the indignity of a Maryland state emissions test.

    There is a procedure for waiver or exemption requests which says:
    "Vehicles solely powered by: Diesel.......Electric......Hybrid with 50
    mpg EPA Rating."

    The 2008 Prius' EPA rating is 48 mpg. In 2007, the Prius had a
    60 mpg city rating. Then the EPA changed its standardized mileage
    test and beginning in 2008, the Prius is rated at only 48 mpg. (The
    2010 Prius is rated at 51 mpg city.) The 2007 Prius does qualify for
    the exemption/waiver, But, no 2008 or 2009 model hybrids qualify.
    Yet, the 2008-2009 Prius is exactly the same car. It pollutes no more
    in 2008 and 2009 than it did in 2007. Pre-'08 Gen II retain the waiver!

    Either my elected representatives in Naplis or the MVA bureaucrats
    are too dense, or unawares, or simply money-grubbing drudges to
    change the law/regulations.

    There is some good news.:

    "The dynamometer test has been eliminated."
    In its place for the Prius is an On Board Diagnostics (OBD) Test.
    "* The OBD test uses a scan tool to connect to the vehicles On-Board
    Diagnostics computer...
    "*The system is checked to determine if there are emission control
    components that are failing which may cause vehicle emissions to
    exceed allowable limits..."

    I intend to go in on Monday. This should be a piece of cake. My
    ScanGauge isn't showing any codes. I hate the idea of wasting gas
    just driving to the test site. I also begrudge the time spent driving
    to the testing site and waiting in line.

    Here's what really bugs me; clean air is clean air. Diesels as a class
    are not known as a source of particularly clean exhaust pipe emissions.
    What could the basis be for the blanket emissions test waiver/exemption
    for any/all diesels? --

    I mean other than political chicanery or a special interest give-away.
  2. Patrick Wong

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    How about that the diesel engine produces so much visible particles that it will cause the test equipment readings to peg? :eek:

    More likely, the emissions testing equipment was intended for gasoline engines, not diesel.

    If the state is going to go through the trouble of requiring emissions testing, they should require dynamometer testing so that the engine is under load. There's a big difference between the engine spinning at no load vs. producing power.
  3. dogfriend

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    It doesn't appear that California will test hybrids until BAR-2012 is implemented. It will replace the current method and equipment, BAR-97. BAR-97 is not compatible with CAN bus technology.

    BAR-2012 EIS Project Background
  4. hobbit

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    Mar 23, 2005
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    The OBD-II test actually makes sense, *provided* the car's systems
    are in reasonable calibration. I mean, why buy a gas analyzer when
    you get one for free in each vehicle that comes in. Well, part of
    that test is to make sure they're in calibration... basically, a
    specialized scantool asks the car "'salright?" and the car replies
    "'salright." and you're done. If the CEL is on or there are what's
    called "pending codes" or the mode 6 emissions-monitor tests haven't
    completed over a few drive cycles, you fail. [Thus, don't go right
    after resetting any other codes or pulling the 12V battery.]
    The test may still require seeing a valid idle RPM while it is
    being performed, however. That's why this article was written,
    mostly in honor of the cretins in Georgia who were putting Prius
    drivers through an absolute paperwork hell because they couldn't
    figure out how to test the hybrids. Ironically, I went for
    inspection earlier this year and the garage I go to [in MA] still
    had the printout of this I handed them *two years* ago, crumpled
    into a slot beside the inspection computer, and they still had me
    walk into the bay and get the car into idling for them.
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